Patron Saint - St. Thomas Aquinas


St. Thomas Aquinas was born in 1225 A.D. into nobility to a count and countess in the Kingdom of Naples, was trained by the Benedictine monks of Monte Cassino.  He attended the University of Naples.  He joined the Order of St. Dominic in August, 1243 at the objection of his family and took his vows with the Dominican Friars.  He was known for his brilliant intellect but because of his great humility and demeanor, was nicknamed “dumb ox”.  He became a forceful preacher, apologist, well-educated teacher earning a Doctor of Theology degree.  He became widely known throughout the region for his theological writing of “Summa Theologica”.  He died on March 7, 1274 A.D. and after numerous miracles were attributed to him, was canonized by John XXI on July 18, 1323.  He was a mystic and has been named a Doctor of the Church.  He is named the Patron Saint of Catholic universities, colleges and schools.      

(Obtained from this the New Advent website.


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